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Herman Cain is serious about that foreign policy map

Besieged GOP presidential contender Herman Cain has released his “vision for foreign policy and national security” on his Web site, and it includes a map that labels countries important to the United States, along with Cain’s summaries of our relationships with them. “Our special relationship”? That’s his label for Britain. “Danger and opportunity”? His summary for Pakistan.

Herman Cain takes the stage at the start of a debate in Washington, Nov. 22. (Jim Bourg - Reuters)
Since it was released yesterday, the map and its elementary descriptors have gotten quite the skewering. Harry Reid’s spokesman asked if it was a parody of Cain’s foreign policy. Ryan Lizza, the New Yorker’s Washington correspondent tweeted a series of sarcastic remarks, including “Sort of outrageous that Cain did not make Foreign Policy's 100 Top Global Thinkers list,” and “I bet Cain is awesome at Risk.” Dartmouth professor of government Brendan Nyhan said he couldn’t wait for the poster.

But perhaps the Atlantic Wire’s Eric Randall said it best, writing that Cain’s labels reminded him of the scene in the movie “Mean Girls” in which a character summarizes the high school’s lunch table stereotypes: “You've got your Freshmen, ROTC guys, Preps, JV Jocks, Asian Nerds, Cool Asians...”

“This map feels like Herman Cain's tour of the world's cafeteria,” Randall writes. See the map below:

Earlier this month, when Cain sat down for editorial board interview at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, he struggled to answer a basic question on Libya. At the time, Cain told a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, who had conducted the interview: “I'm not supposed to know anything about foreign policy... Because you run for president (people say) you need to have the answer. No, you don't! No, you don't! That's not good decision-making.”

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