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Japan before and after, through the eyes of an Ishinomaki resident

A year after an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan’s northeastern coast, almost nothing is resolved, The Post’s Chico Harlan reported Friday. Full recovery could take a decade.

(Takahiro Chiba)
Takahiro Chiba, once a sushi chef in Ishinomaki, in the country’s northeastern Miyagi prefecture, knows that all too well. Chiba described a city he’s not sure he wants to stay in, the partially damaged home where he lives and the family sushi restaurant for which his business card now reads — in English — “UNEMPLOYED (by Tsunami).”

Chiba also has a blog, where he posts photos he has captured of his neighborhood and restaurant, taken both at the time the tsunami and quake hit and now, one year later. The street in Chiba’s neighborhood seen in the photo above looks different a year later but still clearly in need of work:

(Takahiro Chiba)

Chiba also told Harlan about a recent afternoon when he visited his old restaurant. This is what it looked like after the disaster:
(Takahiro Chiba)

Today, the sushi bar remains dusty, covered in tools for a renovation job that hasn’t yet happened. Mold has begun growing.

(Takahiro Chiba)

Asked if he would repair his restaurant and stay in Ishinomaki, Chiba told Harlan: “All these looming questions are in my mind. ... I just really have to think.”

Read Chiba’s full story here.

See here for more photos of Japan’s battered coast before and after.

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