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Lunchtime crumbs: Social news quiz edition (#wpnewsquiz)

Cherry Blossoms: Test your knowledge with question 5. (The Washington Post - Linda Davidson)
Welcome to BlogPost’s crazy social-news-quiz-on-Twitter experiment, second edition. If you’re working through your lunch, consider feeding your brain. A simple rundown: Take a look at the five questions below and find answers after the jump.

Question 1:Which Japanese newspaper staff took to hand-printing its articles in the midst of electricity and Internet blackout? (5 points)

Question 2:Which evangelical pastor made headlines — and drew a lot of criticism — after recently suggesting that hell may be empty — or, at least, just a temporary pit stop on the way to eternal life? (5 points)

Question 3: A tower went silent at Reagan National Airport as planes were trying to land Wednesday. It’s not the first time such a situation has occurred.What three bits of information do pilots usually give to other pilots when they’re faced with an unresponsive tower operator on an approach and landing? (10 points)

Question 4: What specific request about her funeral did Elizabeth Taylor’s friends and family heed when the icon was laid to rest Thursday? (5 points)

Question 5: The 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival starts in Washington tomorrow. Who gifted the first cherry trees to Washington in 1912? (10 points)

Answer 1:Ishinomaki’s only newspaper, the Ishinomaki Hibi Shimbun, featured articles written by hand with black felt-tip pens on big sheets of white paper.

#Wpnewquiz Answer 1, the Hibi Shimbun in Ishinomaki. @DebForFreedom answered correctly first.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Answer 2: Rob Bell made the suggestion. He sat down with On Faith this week to talk about his comments, and we let some of you ask the questions. The big question? “What if you’re wrong?”

#Wpnewsquiz Answer 2: Rob Bell. @TillAustin got it correct first. Who has a perfect score so far? than a minute ago via HootSuite

Answer 3: In circumstances like the one that occurred at National, pilots get on the control tower radio frequency and relay their position, speed and distance to other pilots.

#Wpnewsquiz Answer 3: Pilots give position, speed and distance. @KatieMiller91 got it correct first. Winners so far than a minute ago via HootSuite

Answer 4: Taylor requested that she be late to her own funeral. The ceremony started 15 minutes behind schedule.

#Wpnewsquiz Answer 5: Elizabeth Taylor requested that she be late to her own funeral. @Cassady2euca was first. than a minute ago via HootSuite

Answer 5: The mayor of Tokyo gifted the first trees to Washington. Test your knowledge with Going Out Guide’s quiz here.

#Wpnewsquiz Answer 5: Tokyo Mayor Yukio Ozaki gifted the first #cherryblossoms to D.C. @Bayou_lois_lane had it first. than a minute ago via HootSuite

So, how’d you do?

We'll be asking these questions on Twitter and watching for responses. Tell @washingtonpost your score, add a thought about this week's #wpnewsquiz and we'll post some responses back into this blog.

Leader Board:

@APKotter: 1

@Bayou_lois_lane: 1

@Cassady2euca: 1

@Debforfreedom: 1

@KatieMiller91: 1

@Ludomaster: 1

@Miguelrios: 1

@mabaeyens: 1

@TillAustin: 1

@samdman95: 1

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