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Minot, N.D., floods and thousands evacuate [PHOTOS]

Flooding from the Souris river sweeps across the landscape on the outskirts of Minot, N.D., June 22. (Christian Randolph - AP)
As many as 10,000 people raced to evacuate the area Wednesday as water from the Souris River began spilling over the levees in Minot, N.D.

A few hundred of the evacuees went to temporary city shelters, some stayed on friends’ couches, under tents or in vehicles, and others scrambled to find somewhere to go. The region has few vacancies under normal circumstances, thanks largely to the state’s oil boom.

The water is expected to reach record levels over the coming days in parts of Minot, an Air Force town, as the little-known waterway of Souris swells from rain and snowmelt and inundates thousands of homes and businesses.

See photos of the flooding below.

Water fills the streets in the Oak Park neighborhood of Minot, N.D. (Will Kincaid - AP)

This map produced June 21 by the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services shows a projected worst-case scenario of flooding from the Souris River in Minot should the river overtop the levees. (AP)

A farm is covered in water near Minot. (Will Kincaid - AP)

The Clemetson family gazes at their evacuated home from the Broadway bridge, in Minot. (Will Kincaid - AP)

A soldier with the North Dakota National Guard places sandbags on a temporary levee in Minot. (Patrick Moes - AP)

A dog runs along the bank of the rising Souris River. Local residents spent the day filling pickups, semis and trailers with their belongings to escape flooding. (Teri Finneman - AP)

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