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Slopeflying in Stryn, Norway [video]

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Jokke Sommer, a Norwegian graphic designer who also basejumps, speedrides, freestyle motocrosses, snowboards and skydives, posted a jawdropping video Monday of another extreme sport: slopeflying.

In the video, viewers get to see through the eyes of Sommer as he flies just above the slopes of mountains in Stryn, a Norwegian municipality known for its spectacular mountains, glaciers, fjords and lakes.

“Humans have been trying to fly like birds for decades. For now, [slopeflying] is the closest feeling we have to feeling like we can fly,” he says. Watch the video below:

Jokke Sommer (Jokke Sommer)
Sommer wrote on YouTube of the video:

This was just an evening jump with good friends... The speed is about 200 kmh and the video is in realtime. It is not zoomed, actually it is a fisheye lens so it looks further away than it is. It is not luck that I dont hit the ground... it is hard training and a lot of flying that makes it possible to fly like this. We always fly close to the terrain, hence the name wingsuit proximity flying... I dont have a death wish.. it is more like, I love my job!

Watch more of Sommer’s videos here.

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