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Campus Overload
Posted at 03:59 PM ET, 08/29/2011

How can parents make care packages healthier?

As soon as freshmen are dropped off at their dorms, some of their parents start brainstorming ideas for care packages. One of those parents is Jennifer LaRue Huget, a health blogger and nutrition columnist here at The Post.

For an upcoming column, Jennifer plans to write about putting a “healthful spin” on the iconic college care package — but she needs your help. What do students want? What do they absolutely not want? And do you have any personal stories about the greatest/worst care package ever?

I have already posed this question to my Twitter followers (see below for their ideas), and hope that you will share your own suggestions and stories in the comments section.

@wpjenna powdered drink mixes! Crystal light, gatorade...doesnt take up any space and its not water from the sink or soda from the caff!Thu Aug 25 19:22:43 via web

@wpjenna my 23 yr old daughter says trail mix & Luna bars. I say dried fruit, nice herbal/green tea too. Non food - iTunes gift card.Thu Aug 25 20:18:32 via Twitter for iPhone

@wpjenna trail mix, dried fruit, almonds, granola, wheat thins, organic peanut butter, NUTELLA (somewhat healthy)Thu Aug 25 19:35:43 via Twitter for iPhone

@wpjenna salsa. My mom would send me bottles of salsa from Mexico.Thu Aug 25 19:22:07 via web

@wpjenna @UWMadisonMedia Peanuts and cashews work pretty well as low-carb foods that scratch the snacking itch.Thu Aug 25 20:28:43 via Echofon

@wpjenna I assume you don't mean light beer :)Thu Aug 25 19:36:19 via web

Oatmeal, granola bars, beef jerkey, & dried fruit RT @wpjenna : What are some healthy ideas for a care package for a #college student?Thu Aug 25 19:39:20 via web

@wpjenna oatmeal; raisins, vitamins, walnuts, dried cranberriesThu Aug 25 19:32:56 via web

@wpjenna - My parents didn't really do care packages - but my dad sent me a stuffed animal he won me at a sports bar once. It was so cute.Thu Aug 25 19:22:52 via HootSuite

@wpjenna Fruit snacks (not too bad for you), juice boxes, tuna to go packages, baked chips, oatmeal to go bars!Thu Aug 25 19:22:28 via web

@wpjenna dried fruit, oatmeal, tea and honey, especially local honey (where the college is) to build immunity against allergiesThu Aug 25 20:23:23 via web

What would you add to this list? (Or what should we take off?) Let us know in the comments section.

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