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Posted at 11:21 AM ET, 07/28/2011

#THATintern: The slacker intern

That intern started the internship with the best of intentions -- but then quickly realized the work was too boring, too difficult or simply beneath that intern’s intelligence. After one week of working as diligently as the other interns, that intern coasts in one Monday morning with the attitude, “I don’t care. I am the slacker intern.”

The slacker intern rolls into the office... whenever. The slacker intern is the last to volunteer for tasks and the first to complain when assigned a task.

The slacker intern takes long, long lunches -- so long that the other interns wonder what that intern does during lunch: Maybe that intern goes home and takes a nap? Maybe that intern is working another internship in the middle of this one? Maybe that intern is having a lunch-hour fling?

When in the office, the slacker intern only really does one of three things: Read Facebook. GChat friends. Avoid working. As soon as the clock hits 5 p.m., that intern disappears -- so as not to be late to happy hour, where that intern brags about this sweet internship in so-and-so’s office and how great that’s going to look on a resume.

About #THATintern: Every intern class has “that intern” — as in,“Don’t be that intern.” Each day I introduce you to one of them. Share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #THATintern.

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