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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 02/08/2008

Could YOU Survive? Two Tales That Astound

Extreme weather yields aftermath, but also miracles

Humans have been put to the test this week. Violent tornadoes in the South. Heavy snow in the West.

Story number one comes out of Tuesday's tragic tornado outbreak that killed more than 50 people. An 11-month old baby covered in mud and grass was still alive, and shivering, when rescuers found him thrown 100 yards from his home by a tornado that decimated the Tennessee town of Castilian Springs.

Story number two takes us to Utah, where a couple and their dog were stranded in waist-deep snow for 12 days. Somehow, they managed to stay warm, nourished and alive until they were found on Wednesday by a snow plow driver.

How about you? Would you have been counted lucky if met by such extreme conditions? Maybe you have a story of your own about how you fared in the face of surprising or severe weather? I'll start the discussion by sharing my own tale:

On a May morning in 1989, I awoke to find trees down all over the road. On top of several houses. On my family's car and our neighbors' cars. It was a mess! It looked like a tornado had come down our street, but we later learned it was a microburst, which is a localized blast of wind produced by a thunderstorm.

After the fact, my parents reported going outside during the heavy rain and talking with neighbors who thought they heard the "train" sound often associated with tornadoes. But the damage hadn't even happend yet.

It was a pretty amazing story. I wish I hadn't been such a sound sleeper... and slept right through it. AH, well!

By Camden Walker  |  11:00 AM ET, 02/08/2008

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