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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 12/08/2012

D.C. area forecast: Warmer today, cooler and showery Sunday


Today: Mostly cloudy. Near 60 to mid-60s. | Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Shower? Mid-to-upper 40s. | Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, some showers. Upper 40s to low 50s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


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Average highs are now in the 40s, and we stay in that range until the last week of February. Today’s probably considerably warmer than that, but our temperature roller coaster brings us back nearer normal tomorrow before another jump up on Monday. After that? Cooler again. Still, no really cold air in sight. Perhaps the most annoying part of the forecast ahead is the abundant cloud cover. At this time of year, we can really use all the light we can get!

Today (Saturday): There could be some fog and/or sprinkles in the morning, but much of the day ends up precipitation free. It’s still rather cloudy throughout — hopefully including some periods of midday or afternoon sun? Even with the clouds, temperatures should be a good deal warmer than yesterday, heading toward 60 and maybe as high as the mid-60s if enough sunshine helps us along. Winds are light from the south. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Any potential daytime breaks in the clouds fill back in overnight, leaving us quite overcast. There’s a slight risk of a shower, particularly early in the night and then again toward morning. Temperatures slowly dip down into the the mid-40s for much of the area, and closer to 50 downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): A weak front dips back to our south, and with the change in wind direction temperatures don’t do much off morning lows. Add in a passing shower risk much of the day, and it might not be the most pleasant one outdoors. While showers are bordering on likely (50% chance), I don’t anticipate lots of rain and it may focus north and west. Maybe a tenth of an inch, or even two, will be possible in the jackpot areas. Afternoon maximums are muted, only in the upper 40s to low 50s. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: We’re cloudy again. Surprised? The front in the area heads back north, which means as little as temperatures rose during the day, we see a similar deal with them falling at night. Look for a range in the mid-40s to near 50. Confidence: Medium


Monday brings another surge of warm air. And even without full sun, highs should range from the low to upper 60s, depending on just how much cloud cover. A cold front is on the doorstep though, and it should arrive as soon as around sunset, but more likely later in the evening. A few showers may break out by late afternoon, and there may be some heavy rain squalls with the front. Maybe even a bit of somewhat unusual December thunder! Cooler air comes in late night. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday features that cooler air filtering back into the region behind the front, but it won’t be super cold — basically just back to normal. Highs should make the mid-40s to near 50. The front doesn’t take a speedy run out to our east and south, so we should still see a good deal of cloudiness, and maybe a sprinkle or shower along with breezy conditions. Confidence: Medium

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