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Posted at 01:45 PM ET, 01/21/2008

For the Love of Snow

As an adult I still love snow. I know I'm in good company judging from the comments on this blog and other weather Web sites. I'm rather happy that I've held onto my love for snow although I sometimes question why, particularly when I'm stuck in snow-snarled traffic or shoveling the driveway in the dark after a snowstorm.

I think it all started as a young kid growing up in the D.C. suburbs. I learned that almost every snowfall of 3" or more would close area school systems, allowing me and my friends to spend the entire day sledding instead of sitting in a classroom. The sledding was always great fun. We'd congregate at a neighborhood hill, sled for hours, go to some kid's house for hot chocolate and snacks, then continue sledding for many more hours. This pattern would repeat, year-after-year, with each significant snowstorm.

Looking back, how could one not love snow for creating so many opportunities for fun and excitement with your friends. I kind of feel bad for kids in more northern climates where school systems don't close for snow. Do northern kids just sled on weekends, in between their parents errands and everyday chores? For kids in Maine, sledding after a snowstorm is probably as routine as any little league sports game. It's no wonder that many Northerners don't think much of snow. In D.C., snow is special. We celebrate snow by closing our schools, and with really big storms, our Federal Government.

As a adult, I still get quite excited for a snowstorm. I enjoy going out sledding with my kids, although I spend more time watching then sledding. I still go sledding, but I've noticed hitting big bumps kind of hurts my back a bit and I now judge a good sledding run by the pain factor, not the excitement factor. Posted are a couple photos from Sunday's sledding adventure with the kids. As usual, I watched more than I sledded.

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