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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 04/22/2010

News & Notes: An Earth day mishmash

* Sunshine returns, but weekend wetness: Full Forecast | NatCast *

Happy Earth Day. It's been a while since I've prepared a random assortment of weather odds and ends. So here are a few fun, maybe informative? items...

Today in weather history: In 1993, a late snowstorm dropped 2-3" north and west of the District - an Earth Day rarity. Grantsville, Maryland accumulated 4" bringing its season total to 220".

Volcano images: The Boston Globe's Big Picture blog has an incredible compilation of the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull which has gone viral. It's worth viewing, if you haven't seen it already. Also, check out this incredible video of the eruption.

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Weather Channel bashing: Referring to the Weather Channel, California Chronicle writer Phil Mushnick quips: "On commercial TV, anything reliable, practical and useful can't last; it eventually will be turned to junk." He laments the lack of actual weather condition coverage in favor of programs about catastrophes, concluding: " time, I suspect, the Weather Channel will be replaced with NBGN, the Nothing But Garbage Network."

"Hot" female weather personalities: Asylum, a men's lifestyle magazine, last week featured "Hot Girls of the Weather Channel" - highlighted by Stephanie Abrams and Alexandra Steele (formerly of ABC-7 here in Washington). This week it's showcasing "The 6 Hottest Girls of AccuWeather" including Jacqueline Noto and Kate Bilo if those names mean anything to you.

Precipitation deficit: Did you know that, as snowy as early February was, total precipitation (rain and melted snow) is more than 2" below average for the year? The region is not close to drought territory yet and wet weather is forecast this weekend into next week, but it's a situation we'll watch.

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