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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 03/08/2010

Polar opposite positions on snow

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As we've seen all winter, there's not a lot of middle ground on snow. People either love it or hate it. So as piles become thinner and thinner, it's rather entertaining to read some of the online reactions from the two extremes. Here are a couple examples...

On EasternUSWx forums, an online community for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists, a poster named Jebman is suffering some serious withdrawal as the snow melts away. Here's an amusing recent post:

I yearn to shovel more deep crystalline sparkling snow so bad!! I yearn for night time so I can go wallow in DEEP SNOW, dreaming of an EPIC Little Ice Age!! I want to savor just ONE MORE LONG EPIC JEBWALK gawking at impossibly deep drifts and FIVE FOOT DEEP SNOW ON A LEVEL!!! . . .
[I want] Just one last chance to enjoy all the snow, before those horrific spring temps come crashing down with no mercy upon all of us poor enthusiastic snow weenies, crushing our dreams and thrusting us into a long hot spring/summer wasteland of unending misery for the next 7 months ugh.

Keep reading for more reactions to the fading snow cover ...

In a subsequent post Jebman wrote:

I went on another epic jebwalk today. It was hot. I had a t-shirt on. It was way too hot for a coat. Snow piles were melting really bad. I was not happy. While everyone around me was in a spring wonderland, I was really sad, because my beloved snow piles were melting furiously.

But at the opposite extreme, here at CWG, poster ThinkSpring wrote yesterday:

Just finished spring-cleaning the grill! Gonna fire it up tonight. Was nice being able to get outside and tend to things not inside the house. Took great joy in smashing what few snowpiles existed and scattering its "remains" into the sun. :)

Let's just hope Jebman and ThinkSpring don't have a chance encounter in front of a large snow pile....

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