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Posted at 07:28 PM ET, 01/10/2008

The Mystery Cloud

KISS or Contrails?

Kevin's cloud photo post this morning inspired some interesting creativity among the site's visitors. I think the most original explanation was submitted by Curtis, who said:

Folks, that's the universal signal for a pending KISS concert. It works similarly to the mechanism the Commissioner used to summon Batman and Robin with his kleig light in Gotham City.

Based on the long, thin shapes, many people recognized a contrail pattern, but the tricky part is explaining the fact that they are parallel and the way that they're bent. Kevin's explanation, concurred with by at least two other members of the Gang, is:

A single jet with two engines was flying west, directly into the wind. The jet made several turns, which appear exaggerated in the contrails as they dispersed and blew back overhead. The angle of viewing may have also contributed towards the exaggerated angles. It's possible that two jets flew exactly parallel paths, matching the turns, but not as likely.

An interesting coincidence, pointed out in the previous comments, is that Ian's photo in Josh's post shows the same shapes from farther east.

Kevin took another photo this morning which helps confirm the single jet, dual engine theory.

By Steve Scolnik  |  07:28 PM ET, 01/10/2008

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