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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 03/31/2009

Waxing Poetic on Cherry Blossoms

Wx and the City

* March Exits Like a Lamb: Full Forecast | Cherry Blossom Guide *

Spring speaks to me of poetry. In the spirit of celebrating Japanese culture and springtime, here are a few cherry blossom-related poems. As always, feel free to express your appreciation of the season -- and other views you may have -- in poetry or prose in the comments section below.

Examples of Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) poems and a humorous haiku from a D.C. tourist:

Looking at the Mountain Sakura in mist
I miss a person who looks at the Sakura
--Kino Tsurayuki (source)

Keep reading for more cherry blossom poems, including a few of my own...

If there were no cherry blossoms in the world,
My mind would be peaceful.
--Fujiwara Norihira (source)

Sleeping under the trees on Yoshino mountain
The spring breeze wearing Cherry blossom petals
--Saigyo (source)

Looking for cherry blossoms
Bumper to bumper
--Stefan Waanders, D.C. tourist from the Netherlands (source)

And, staying true to my own love of haiku, here are a few poems of my own, as inspiration for you:

Ah, Yoshino trees
Against a divine blue sky,
Artistic wonder

Cherry blossoms bloom
Earlier every year:
Climate is changing.

Please, sky, do not rain
On our cherry tree parade
Again this year. Thanks!

I haiku-for-you
About weather and nature...
Haiku for me too?

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