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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 07/30/2010

Weather with 'attitude' - that's the point (sort of)

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Our weather gang here was subject to a bit of criticism recently.

First, there were these two letters to the editor, published with the headline, "Too much opinion on the weather page." These were in response to Capital Weather Gang forecast information that appeared in the July 10 print edition weather page (back page of Metro section). Here's a sampling from one:

I realize that some weather is more conducive to good times than other, but it is a matter of opinion and attitude to state that the weather is "uncomfortable" and "cooler but not cool" and "sticky and not a truly pleasant day" ... I could see that it was damp and raining and would be humid, but there was no need for a litany of gloom and pessimism. ... A better take might be to report the facts, and, if there is room for personal commentary, perhaps something hopeful, such as mentioning that this is some much-needed rain and maybe we can stop running outside to check the tomato plants for a day or two.

And the other:

The July 10 forecast was ridiculous. We had lovely cool temperatures and much-needed rain, and the Weather Gang's forecast still managed to put a negative spin on it, calling it "still uncomfortable" and "not a truly pleasant day. Pretty sticky, instead. ... Can you just report the weather here, Weather Gang?

And that's not all...

tgt111, a commenter here on the blog (where we did, by the way, make it a point to repeatedly highlight the need for that "much-needed rain" earlier this month), took exception to a recent forecast post asking readers to contemplate which is the lesser a of two evils -- a drier heat with highs near and over 100, or a more humid heat with highs closer to the mid-90s:

these posts where CWG tries to make some sort of emotional statement about the weather are getting more tiresome than the weather itself

We did have at least one commenter, SWester2010, come to our defense on that one:

If you don't want commentary mixed in with the forecast, go to People read here because it has locally-focused discussions that are often infused with the realistic human dimension of coping with the weather.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. While our intent isn't for our forecasts to exude "attitude," per say, we do think there's a place online (as there's long been on TV) for communication of weather information by real people with real personalities.

That said, we're always interested in feedback on our product -- be it positive, negative or somewhere in between. So, fire away with a comment below...

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