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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 02/18/2009

Which Rain Gear Did You Choose to Use?

Wx and the City

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Never in my life have I seen so many umbrellas as walking downtown during a recent rainstorm. Umbrellas? 49. Rain jackets? 2. In anticipation of today's conglomerate of precipitation, I was left wondering whether the onslaught of umbrellas would return?

In response to Jason Sameow's recent post, Capital Weather Gang readers had something to say about whether the umbrella remains the favored choice of protection when precipitation turns wintry.

Keep reading for a sampling of what CWG readers had to say, and my own humble opinion...

random-adam: Umbrellas are remarkably selfish behavior on crowded city streets. Wear a fedora and a trenchcoat, or stay inside.

avoiceinRockville: Some of us don't like being pelted by ice pellets. And it's understandable why the myopic among us might prefer to keep their glasses flake-free. There's a certain kind of snow around here that tends to be big, wet flakes...That tends to merit an umbrella in my book, if only so that I don't get soaked.Normal snow, on the other hand? I'll bundle up and take my chances.

Bombo47jea: NEVER an umbrella in the snow...but always whenever we get that cruddy "wintry mix"!!!

As someone who wears glasses, I understand the second comment completely. But what ever happened to the good ol' functional weatherproof jacket? Why so many umbrellas?

There seems to be a "survival of the fittest" complex associated with their use, leading some umbrella users to dominate sidewalk space. Do umbrellas indicate a higher professional status, or are they just a practical tool in rain and wintry mixes? Are people sporting rain jackets seen as tougher? Are those pedestrians using both an umbrella and weatherproof jacket at the same time overdoing it or just prepared?

If you are using an umbrella today, I hope you brought the brightest one you own. I think the mood of the city on a day like today -- one that literally washes away our hopes for accumulating snow -- would be brighter if we saw more color amidst the sea of chic black umbrellas crossing soaked streets.

Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Bert & Ernie, all those bright umbrellas you've been embarrassed to be seen with...use them today! And while you're at it, throw on that orange rain jacket that's been sitting in your closet. I'm putting out a call for more color and variety in D.C. weather gear. Who's with me?

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