Spring snow at the U.S. Capitol

March 26, 2013

A snowy morning at the US Capitol, March 25, 2013.  (Kevin Ambrose)

Every year I hope to make at least one trip to the Capitol to photograph snow for a weather calendar that I print for friends and family.  Last winter, as many of us remember, did not produce much snow in Washington.  I ended up photographing snow at Monticello.

This year appeared to be on the same track until March 6.  A significant snowstorm was forecast to dump over four inches of wet snow on the city.

I awoke the morning of March 6 to find heavy snow falling with almost three inches of snow on the ground in western Fairfax County.  Unfortunately, the snow did not accumulate in Washington and I ended up photographing snow at the Manassas Battlefield Park.

On Monday, accumulating snow finally fell in Washington.  It was wet, it was slushy, and there was barely enough to cover the grass at the Capitol.  But it was white and it photographed just fine.  I was able to salvage a few Capitol snow photos from this very paltry winter season, or perhaps I should say, from this very cold spring season.

Dawn breaks with a magenta sky and snow at the Capitol, March 25, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

Snow falls on the Mall early Monday morning, March 25, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

Snow coats the trees on Capitol Hill, March 25, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

A magnolia tree near the Capitol has started to bloom, March 25, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

Moderate snow at the Capitol (Kevin Ambrose)

Daffodils at the Capitol with the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in the background, March 25, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

Moderate snow falls on the Mall, March 13, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

Snow decreases in intensity at the Capitol, March 25, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)


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