PM Update: Warmest day in half a year and more to come

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Temperatures:Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Temperatures surged to near and past 80 today, making this the warmest day we’ve seen since last October. That said, our first 80-degree or higher reading in D.C. is about a month later than we saw in 2012. Too warm, or just right?

Through Tonight: Clouds probably increase at least a bit for the overnight. With a mild air mass fully in place, don’t plan on temperatures to get below the mid-50s to low 60s. You’ll also probably increasingly notice a bit of humidity as dew points rise through the 50s.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Partly cloudy skies are the story along with another day of warm conditions. It should be fairly similar to today with afternoon highs reaching near 80 to the low 80s. There could be a random late-day shower, but only about a 10% chance for now.

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Snow: In addition to a severe threat in coming days, a strong springtime storm is expected to drop lots of snow on places like Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Denver is now under a winter storm warning, and they’re looking at about 6 to 12 inches along with strong winds. In counties just east of Denver, a blizzard warning is in place as visibilities may drop near 0 in the worst of conditions. The highest totals from this storm may approach or surpass 2 feet in the northern Plains.

Pollen: Tree pollen is HIGH at 321.73 grains per cubic meter and should continue to rise given the warmth. All other pollens and molds are currently LOW.

Ian Livingston is a forecaster/photographer and information lead for the Capital Weather Gang. By day, Ian is a defense and national security researcher at a D.C. think tank.
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