PM Update: Lovely like late May or mid-September; coolest weather in the world?

The current weather is not only as good as it gets in late July, but pretty much at any time of the year. More on the way with a splendid night tonight and picture perfect Friday to close out the work week.

Through Tonight: Dine al fresco if you can! We’re in the delightful 70s through this evening but all of us drop at least into the low-to-mid 60s by early morning.  A few of the cooler outlying areas to the north and west dip into upper 50s.  Turn off the A/C and enjoy.  Skies are mostly clear and winds are light.

Tomorrow (Friday): Wow!  Gorgeous sunshine, low humidity and comfortably warm temperatures for a stroll or dip in the pool (though it may feel cool when you get out of last week’s heated water!).  Highs reach the low-to-mid 80s, with light winds from the west.

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Wednesday evening’s sunset (Clif_Burns via Flickr)

Coolest weather in the world? Tom Skilling, meteorologist at WGN in Chicago, posted this model simulation of temperatures – compared to normal – over the globe averaged over the next five days.  The central and eastern U.S. stand out among the coolest spots – relative to average – in the world.  Given it’s around the hottest part of summer, good timing!

Simulated temperatures compared to average over the next 5 days (Tom Skilling via Facebook)
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