Polar vortex: The grand finale

The polar vortex is on its way out. In addition to generating frigid air, it has been a weather content generating machine. Here’s some material that’s circulated around the the polar vortex you may have missed…

No, Rush Limbaugh, the polar vortex is not a liberal hoax, it’s a legitimate meteorological term that’s been around for decades.

Al Roker – of all people, who laughably described the vortex as an ‘arctic hurricane‘ (it’s not), helped set the record straight:


(Also, let the record show the term polar vortex was used in academic papers as far back as 1940.)

It was really cold in Washington, D.C. (info-graphic)

(Washington Post)

(Washington Post)

CWG’s Camden Walker explains shivering, runny noses and other things cold weather does to us

Did you have a case of rhinorrhea today?

Walker talks polar vortex with the Voice of America (50 seconds in)

The frozen Potomac river looks great under the polar vortex


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PM Update: Staying super cold through tonight, but winds ease; adios polar vortex