PM Update: Showers and drizzle depart tonight; warming trend starts Thursday

Radar & lightning: Latest D.C. area radar shows movement of precipitation and lightning strikes over past two hours. Refresh page to update. Click here or on image to enlarge. Or see radar bigger on our Weather Wall.

It was quite a dreary day, but mild enough to keep that snow melting at least. As hard as it’s trying, winter is having a tough time holding on as we get deeper into the calendar year. And as spring starts tomorrow, things will certainly feel more springlike. Thursday is just the beginning of a warmer several days as well. Happy, happy!

Through Tonight: The area of drizzle and showers floating around I-95 should start to move east over the next few hours, though steadier drizzle could linger into late evening, and we may see a few more showers work in from the west later (mainly north and west of the city with that). The overall trend is drier though. Clouds remain thick for the most part, as lows eventually head for near freezing to the upper 30s. There could be some fog as well. Winds are largely light and variable, but switching to the west overnight.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Skies finally clear, but maybe not quite in time to start the day with sunshine. Either way, we end up at least partly cloudy by late morning or so. Highs shoot for the mid-50s to near 60. Winds are from the northwest and west around 15-20 mph in the midday or early afternoon, and a bit lighter on either side of that. Higher gusts too!

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Warming up: Though we’ve had some warm days intermixed, even as recently as last Saturday when we hit 70 in D.C., it’s almost hard to remember that our average highs are in the mid-to-upper 50s at this point. Good news for those of us looking for warmth: the next few days should perform. Below, MOS (model output statistics) temperature forecasts for 5 p.m. the next few days — probably a little after high temperatures in general. It looks like we should be running at 70 by Saturday! Of course, there’s more cold behind that…






Ian Livingston is a forecaster/photographer and information lead for the Capital Weather Gang. By day, Ian is a defense and national security researcher at a D.C. think tank.
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