Hail as wide as a DVD pummels Abilene, Texas (PHOTOS)

Crushing hail the size of softballs and as wide across as a DVD assaulted Abilene, Texas Thursday.

“Countless cars and buildings suffered damaged or broken windows, especially on the city’s north side,” writes Big Country Homepage.

The hail caused some minor injuries, as well.

A DVD is 4.7 inches across (in diameter), and the photo below, via Twitter confirms the hail got that big:

Watch this video of hail as big as golf balls pelting American Eagle flight 3195 at Abilene Regional Airport:

Here are some more incredible pictures:

The hail was relatively well-forecast.  The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center SPC) highlighted central and eastern Texas as having an elevated probability of large hail exceeding two inches in diameter – as portrayed by the hatched area in the image below.


“VERY LARGE HAIL APPEARS TO BE THE MAIN RISK…”, it wrote in its discussion of the storm threat. Abilene sits just west of the highlighted area so while SPC correctly identified the hazard, its boundaries were a bit off.

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