Busted, Dude: A weather rhyme that would make Young MC proud

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So the big thunderstorms didn’t arrive as advertised Sunday.  We told you why Monday.

But our mea culpa wasn’t enough for CWG reader AsymptoticUnlimited who had to rub it in by penning a song parody. Based on the 1989 rap hit “Bust a Move” by Young MC, he shared it as a comment in Monday’s PM Update.

This is a brilliant piece of work that will be most appreciated by weather nerds and those who have jammed to the Young MC classic.

Without further ado, here are the lyrics to the song parody with a short intro from the author, AsymptoticUnlimited…

Forecasts didn’t work out so well yesterday. So, naturally, I’m here to poke my friends in the eye. With love.

“Busted, Dude”

To the Tune of “Bust a Move” by Young MC 

This jam’s for mets, both gals and fellas
Tryin’ to divine what models tell us
Check out the NAM, so over-zealous
Still need to write forecast novellas

Okay smarty, CAPE looks hearty
Got a little shear and the jet looks naughty
I see you tweeting storms will come and have some vigor
But convection needs direction and we got no trigger

Face a junction, data’s crunchin
Don’t want your forecastile dysfunction
Radar fires up lightning starts to dance
But as they come across the mountains will they stand a chance?

Chasers stalking, nerds are talking
H-triple-R? Yeah, it’s still balking
Your girl says a storm puts her in the mood
But it’s far too late you just busted, dude

We all went fishin’ so you’re missin’
Tons of attention from winter conditions
Cooking up hype the media places
Bold red graphs and wears grim faces

Warn the nation, storm’s are racin’
Nail DC as they cross the Appalachians
But you’re missin’ dry air on you radar scope
So don’t hang yourself with prognosticate rope

Now blogs are flowin’, fear is growin’
But deep down you know storms aren’t showin’
Those TV anchors under lights that glow
Say they spot a cell coming in an hour or more

The radar’s yellow, you say, hello
Come save my butt and let the thunder bellow
Praying one last time for a storm or two
But God’s gone deaf, you busted dude.

In this city, dry and gritty
‘Cause every single storm goes “DC splitty”
Write a funny song just to get some play
But Mother Nature ain’t no fair and says, “no way.”

Soundings taken, dews weren’t fakin’
But the storms fizzled as the sun was bakin’
Stayed inside or maybe hit the bar
But you could have spent the day at the amusement park

Some mets are spastic, cold and plastic
But honestly most of them are sure fantastic
I hope they don’t mind that I just spanked their hand
Because another rainless weekend makes a happy man

So, yeah I’m kind of trollin’, but I’m rollin’
Don’t call me names like an exit to your colon
The truth is, friends, you’ve got nothing to prove
But still I’ll rub it in ‘cause you busted, dude

* * *

It turns out we have both lyrically gifted and musically gifted commenters.

Before the storms fizzled, AsymptoticUnlimited also wrote parody lyrics to “Lonely Boy”, by The Black Keys.

Inspired, CWG commenter @Chic_Heroine took to her guitar and posted her recording to YouTube:

Jason is currently the Washington Post’s weather editor. A native Washingtonian, Jason has been a weather enthusiast since age 10.
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