Gradually overnight and into tomorrow, much drier air streams in shutting down the rain chances and miserable humidity.

Today is likely to mark a full week of making or breaking the 90 degree mark in D.C.

  • David Streit
  • ·
  • 11 hours ago
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Though daytime showers will wind down, it continues to feel like a sauna out there tonight. Plan on the same tomorrow.

For those of us still in town, this is the kind of sweaty mid-summer week that builds character in Washingtonians young and old.

Overnight lows are on the warm side -- mid-70s around the city and low 70s in the suburbs.

The "ugh" factor is pretty high this week.

  • Matt Rogers
  • ·
  • 2 days ago
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Temperatures were down slightly today, but humidity made up for it. It's going to be hot for a while.

Aside from possible storms today and Thursday, this week's big story is heat, with most days in the 90s.

Humidity trends upward today, and doesn't plan on coming back down anytime soon, with a steady diet of midweek 90s in store.

  • Brian Jackson
  • ·
  • 4 days ago
  • ·

We might pile on some 90-degree days in the time ahead. Nothing scorching just yet, but it's feeling like July for sure.

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