Video: David Letterman’s early career as a weatherman

As legendary talk show host David Letterman leaves late night television tonight, it's fun to take a look back at his humble beginnings, as a weatherman.

Snakehead taste test — can a fish this ugly really taste that good? (Photos)

Eight brave taste-testers compared the snakehead fish to tilapia, cod and flounder.

  • Kevin Ambrose
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  • 3 days ago
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Head-scratching snowfall record set in Washington, D.C., yesterday, April 30

The National Weather Service announced on Thursday evening that a snowfall record had been set for the day

Snow pile yoga: It’s a thing (PHOTOS)

It’s cold and wet, rather slushy, and incredibly slippery. It is snow pile yoga and it’s happening at a shrinking mound of snow near you.

  • Kevin Ambrose
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  • Apr 16, 2015
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Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout among posse of jock weather geeks

Three-time MLB All-Star Mike Trout may be "a total weather geek." At the very least, in his own words, he likes the weather.

This weather is for the ducks. Really.

We're not surprised these adorable ducklings mistook the soggy D.C. streets for a lovely new pond.

Watch this D.C. area guy clear snow while riding on a toilet

With the obvious additions of a toilet paper holder and a magazine rack, Goldberg can plow the snow for hours without need of a bathroom break.

Jim Cantore coming to D.C. Thursday: Will he jinx another snowstorm?

When Cantore came to D.C. for a "snowstorm" in March 2013, no snow accumulated downtown where he was positioned

Poll: What’s your D.C. snow forecast?

You know what we think -- now we want to hear your forecast!

Washingtonians lose it upon hearing March snow forecast

Many of you are sick and tired of winter. We hear you -- we just can't do anything about it.

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