Several atmospheric and oceanic ingredients conducive to Sharknado formation are likely to converge over D.C. tonight.

A leading meteorologist suggests media heat wave hype has gone too far. On the flip side, heat kills hundreds every year.

You might have already heard Jason Samenow on WAMU 88.5 this morning, giving the first report of the exciting new partnership.

TBS is launching a reality TV show in which aspiring weather stars battle it out for cash, including Michelle Rotella, from Gaithersburg.

An old-fashioned way of getting a weather forecast is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance.

This video is a gold-star example of where The Weather Channel shines.

As legendary talk show host David Letterman leaves late night television tonight, it's fun to take a look back at his humble beginnings, as a weatherman.

China has adopted a new regulation that makes it illegal for people to publicly disseminate their own weather predictions.

Some television meteorologists are uncomfortable with new NWS capacity, fearing it's the first move along a slippery slope towards unfair competition.

Results from a new study suggest TV weathercasters are more convinced than ever climate change is happening and that human activities are a major contributor.

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