The contrasting skies from east to west cast an eerie, yet soothing  glow all around the region.

The mid-afternoon deluge and evening cold front couldn't have been better timed.

Dozens of wildfires are burning in Canada, covering an area of approximately 400,000 square miles. The smoke plume has now reached the East Coast.

I made the trip to Kill Devil Hills this week despite the recent news of shark attacks. The views made it worth it.

  • Kevin Ambrose
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  • Jul 1, 2015
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As the post-storm clouds streamed southeast across the metro, they reflected the sun's upward rays back toward Earth and to our watching eyes.

The smoke is reducing visibility and slightly degrading the air quality, but also intensifying our sunrises and sunsets.

Wildfires are pumping copious amounts of smoke high into the atmosphere, hitching a ride on the jet stream to paint our skies pink and orange.

A beautiful sunset and sunrise bounded the change in air mass and return to springlike weather many have longed for.

As the sun set through the clouds and the occasional rain shaft, the sky tuned yellow, orange, and pink. And a few rainbows were witnessed.

Thursday's sunset was particularly bold, with deep hues of purple, red, and orange painting the sky.

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