This video is a gold-star example of where The Weather Channel shines.

The Weather Channel's aggressive ad campaign attempts to cast a spotlight on its live, real-time coverage compared to its competition.

Verizon cites the changing habits of consumers in their reasoning for allowing the contract with The Weather Channel to expire.

When Cantore came to D.C. for a "snowstorm" in March 2013, no snow accumulated downtown where he was positioned

Where Cantore goes, the thunder snow follows.

If you're still interested in officially naming science-y things after yourself (who wouldn't be), you might be interested to know that you can "adopt a vortex" in Europe.

Coleman is an awful choice to discuss this issue. He lacks credentials, many of his statements lack substance, and I'm not even sure he knows what he actually believes.

Headline is another shameless effort to bait readers into clicking content through the use of fear.

A headline today on has reached new heights in its absurdity and, frankly, irresponsibility.

TWC's top stories in 2050? Sea level rise inundation in Miami. A record-setting heat wave in Chicago. And a megadrought in the Southwest.

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