We definitely saw a good shot of rainfall last night, but unfortunately it still wasn't quite enough to bust the August deficit in D.C.

The most likely time window for storms is between about 5 and 10 p.m., but they shouldn't affect any one area for more than about 30 minutes.

The best explanation is not a bad forecast, but more or less bad luck.

The contrasting skies from east to west cast an eerie, yet soothing  glow all around the region.

A slow-moving cold front and very moist air brought evening showers, storms and rainbows. Looking nice tomorrow...

Gusty winds, heavy rain and lightning are the main storm threats today.

The video shows a ball of rain and hall punching out of the thunderstorm and crashing into the desert Tucson landscape.

Most storms have passed through the region, but an isolated or shower storm could linger through 9 or 10 p.m.

Appoint a meteorologist to monitor conditions and communicate threats. Develop a safety plan.

You may well have been rudely awakened you if you live anywhere between Winchester and Baltimore.

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