Extreme storm chasing photos: Towering t-storms and tornadoes in the Plains

We've witnessed supercells - those big beastly rotating thunderstorms - every day, six tornadoes, and tons of other amazing sights.

After 20 inches of rain, Texas and Oklahoma deserve a break. It’s coming.

The saturated southern states will have to endure a few more days of wet weather before dry relief floods in.

It’s late May and Boston has trash-infested snow piles three stories high

Towering snow piles still linger - a crusty, nasty reminder of its miserable winter, the snowiest in recorded history.

Alaska recorded its hottest temperature so early in the season Memorial Day weekend

On Saturday, the small city of Eagle soared to 91 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded so early in the calendar year in our 49th state.

Record-breaking rainfall forces critical flash flooding in Oklahoma, Texas

Oklahoma and Texas are enduring yet another torrential rainfall event in an already saturated month.

Record heat roasts parts of Alaska, where it’s warmer than Washington, D.C.

The Last Frontier is in the midst of an extended streak of record-challenging warmth that will continue through next week.

Models and experts lean toward strong El Nino forecast for the fall

Both computer model and human forecasters suggest it's a very real possibility, at least a 50-50 one.

A strong El Niño could flourish by fall: Five ways it could affect our weather

A strong El Niño event would have major consequences on the weather all over the world.

It’s nearly Memorial Day, it snowed in Wisconsin and there’s ice on Lake Superior

In the extreme northern tier of the U.S., winter refuses to completely go away.

‘Oh my God, these cows': Close-up video of Oklahoma tornado Saturday

Storm chasers captured dramatic footage of the Elmer tornado, which swirled violently just a few hundred yards from a field of cows.

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