The St. Louis Cardinals narrowly avoided disaster when a tornado just missed Busch Stadium, packed with fans.

Maps show most lightning deaths occur in southern coastal areas, the Mountain West and urban centers.

The ominous clouds over the historic ballpark made for a dramatic photograph, which went viral on social media.

Ocean temperatures 4-7 degrees warmer than normal are likely driving the crabs northward away from their typical habitat.

A ground-breaking thunderstorm research project, called Plains Elevated Convection At Night or "PECAN," is now underway.

While most storm chasers seek tornadoes, the other scenes are often just as fantastic.

The high in Boston was just 49 Monday and Tuesday this week, matching the coldest June high temperature ever recorded.

We've witnessed supercells - those big beastly rotating thunderstorms - every day, six tornadoes, and tons of other amazing sights.

The saturated southern states will have to endure a few more days of wet weather before dry relief floods in.

Towering snow piles still linger - a crusty, nasty reminder of its miserable winter, the snowiest in recorded history.

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