Caps’ development camp group rosters

July 8, 2013

(via Katie Carrera)

Here are the full rosters for the two groups at development camp this week.

Team Red
No., Pos., Name
1 G Louis-Philip Guindon
2 F Conor MacPhee
13 F Stephane Legault
17 F Chandler Stephenson
22 F Nolan Laporte
23 F Brandon Tanev
28 D Jaynen Rissling
39 D Garrett Haar
43 F Tom Wilson
46 F Zach Harnden
51 D Patrick Koudys
53 F Travis Boyd
55 D Madison Bowey
65 F Andre Burakovsky
77 D Tyler Lewington
78 G Brandon Anderson
80 F Brian Pinho
82 F Zach Sanford
88 D Nate Schmidt
89 D Connor Kucera
93 D Chirs Joyeaux
97 F Rob Linsmayer

Team White
No., Pos., Name
N/A, F Michael Latta (only participating Monday)
3 F T.J. Foster
6 F Kyle Baun
14 F Cody Murphy
15 F Domenic Monardo
18 F Christian Hilbrich
33 F Justin Larson
40 D Matthew Petgrave
44 F Riley Barber
47 D Michal Cajkovsky
56 D Patrick Wey
57 G Sergei Kostenko
58 D Connor Carrick
60 D Blake Heinrich
63 F Chance Braid
71 G Clarke Saunders
72 F Caleb Herbert
75 F Boston Leier
79 D Michael Monfredo
87 D Travis Walsh
91 D Dalton Young
92 F Sam Anas
96  D Taylor Stefishen

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