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Posted at 05:05 AM ET, 10/02/2010

Celebritology Weekend: Spike Lee calls Tea Partiers fanatics; Tony Bennett's advice for LiLo

Three celeb-centric stories on our radar this weekend...

Lee speaks out: The always quotable Spike Lee was in town this week for the Washington Ideas Forum, a series of interviews with newsmakers and big thinkers co-presented at the Newseum by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute. In keeping with Lee tradition, he dished out a few juicy sound bites during a Friday morning conversation with historian and journalist Douglas Brinkley. Of the Bush administration's performance during Hurricane Katrina, he said: "People are dead now because they did not do what they needed to do." On the BP oil spill, which made its way into his recent HBO documentary, "If God is Willing and da Creek Don't Rise": "BP dictated to the United States of America how this thing was going to be run." On President Obama, a man who took First Lady Michelle Obama to see Lee's "Do the Right Thing" on their first date: "He's going to have to really work hard to get a second term and I'll be there supporting him." And on the Tea Party: "To me, they're the fanatics." And with that -- and several other statements we didn't print here -- Lee's provocative-comment quota was more than reached. [ The Atlantic ]

More Advice for LiLo: Tony Bennett is the latest member of Hollywood's AARP crowd to chime in with advice for rehabbing starlet Lindsay Lohan, who this week checked in to California's Betty Ford Clinic. After saying that Lohan was "sinning against [her] talents" by using drugs, Bennett told the New York Post: "Young stars should learn how to celebrate life, feel good about living, and do what they love. It will turn them around, and they won't end up doing something that will kill them." Also popping up with more advice for Lohan this week, Jerry Lewis, who, in the New York Daily News — doing his best impression of a misogynistic dirty old man — called Lohan a "fresh, dumb broad" who "needs a spanking on her [expletive] to get her to put herself where she belongs!" Last month, as reported in this column, Lewis said in an interview that he wanted to punch Lohan "in the mouth." [New York Post, New York Daily News]

Schwarzenegger signs anti-paparazzi bill into law: Thanks to California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, star-chasing paparazzi could face as much as a year in jail and $5,000 fines if they drive recklessly in pursuit of their prey in his celeb-heavy state. Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law Thursday that raises the penalties in such cases; he might have been partial to the bill, since he and wife Maria Shriver were forced off the road by an overzealous paparazzo in 1997, the same year that Princess Diana was killed in a Paris car accident while being pursued by photographers. "We're hoping this new law will prevent serious injuries, and even deaths, to both celebrities and innocent bystanders," said Sean Burke, founder of the nonprofit Paparazzi Reform Initiative, which issued a press release to trumpet the news. []


You Said It: A selection of notable reader comments from the past week...

Headline: 'Titanic' to get 3-D re-release
Comment: "Since the 'convert 2D movies to 3D' trend clearly needs to run aground somewhere, why not on Titanic?" -- northgs

Headline: Katie Holmes wears least attractive dress ever
Comment: "It's the only way she could get Tom to say something along the lines of, 'I'd really like to see you out of that dress.'" -- byoolin1

By and Liz Kelly  |  05:05 AM ET, 10/02/2010

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