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Posted at 10:31 AM ET, 07/17/2006

Comment Box: Not Wussy Enough by Half

The response to Blender magazine's list of "Wussiest Rock Acts" and "Wussiest Songs" -- linked to here last Friday -- inspired a quick and heated reaction from perceptive Celebritology readers, who clearly know wuss rock when they see it and they did not see it reflected in Blender's list:

"...Peter Frampton anyone? The Sgt. Pepper movie should have convinced everyone, including Peter himself that he's a wuss And what about the BeeGees?? I don't consider them "rockers" but they seem to... so I think it's perfectly fair to put them at the top of list (actually, perhaps the whole cast of the Sgt. Pepper movie should just be #1)?" -- BB

Not only did they leave off Michael Bolton, they left off Kenny G and Barry Manilow (Mannillow?). How can 'Mandy' not be the wussiest song. -- Tiff

"What? A list of all-time wuss rockers that doesn't even INCLUDE Journey? Travesty! Their Behind-the-Music special a few years back hit 100 percent on the Unintentional Comedy Scale with all their members crying about the day that Steve was mean to Greg." -- Proxl

"How can you consider Boyz II Men, and Babyface as rockers. You lose points in my book for even including them on this list!!!" -- DC

"I'm pretty sure Michael Bolton is supposed to be on that "Wussiest" list somewhere." -- therov

Hey Blender, nice list, but next time use the correct nomenclature and call it what it really is: "Wussiest Popsters."

On a much brighter note (no pun intended and, if it was, it would be a very lame one), rewind (ooh, another bad pun) to last week to scan the results of the Communal '80s Mix Tape.

"FYI, urine is the most recommended cure for jelly fish stings. The chemicals in urine neutralize the poison and can save lives. This is a well-known fact." -- JE on Morning Mix: Son Urinates on Michael Douglas

JE, thanks for clearing that up. Here I was thinking the junior Douglas was either a) Incontinent, b) A poor shot or c) Critiquing dad's latest work.


"There's nothing wrong with porn. In fact, it reminds me of a truism... there are two types of men... those that admit that they watch porn and those that don't admit they watch porn. Let me explain something to you gals... one of the bonuses of being a guy is that you like porn. I get that you girls don't like it. I don't care. Guys like it, it's cheap, easy to get (hello? Internet, it's free), and it amuses us. Wives who don't like it... well, to me, that's a good acid test for a potential wife. If she freaks when she seeks your 15 year Playboy collection, or your cache of VHS porn, then she is not good marriage material. Trust me on this. Coming from a 20-year veteren. If she doesn't like your porn before you get married, she won't like it any better after you get married. And why would you put up with that crap from a woman just to get married?" -- Bunkley on the Morning Mix: Son Urinates on Michael Douglas

Thanks, Bunkley, for setting us women straight. It really is an honor to have a "20-year veteren" condescend to share your winning formula for a porn-filled marriage here in my blog. Especially when it wasn't the topic of conversation.

Coming Up This Week:
Tuesday, Justin Timberlake's acting debut, the straight to DVD "Edison Force," hits stores.

Wednesday, the video for Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair" hits MTV. The roller rink themed video features some of Jessica's pals: Eva Longoria, Christina Milian and Christina Applegate. Also, Comedy Central finally re-airs the "South Park" Scientology-spoofing episode that led to the departure of Isaac Hayes from the show.

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By Liz Kelly  |  10:31 AM ET, 07/17/2006

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