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Posted at 01:46 PM ET, 10/17/2011

Ellen Barkin vs. Samuel L. Jackson: Who has the filthier Twitter feed?

Samuel L. Jackson, distinguished tweeter. (Andy Kropa - GETTY IMAGES)
During the past week, Ellen Barkin and Samuel L. Jackson have both become avid users of Twitter. And while it might not initially seem that these two actors have much in common, even though they both appeared in the 1989 thriller “Sea of Love,” it turns out that both have an abiding love for tweeting profanities.

But whose Twitter mouth is filthier: the star of “The Big Easy” or the man who carried a wallet in “Pulp Fiction” that said Bad Mother [Expletive]? The answer may surprise you.

Note: the tweets that follow will be filled with bleeped-out words. But trust us when we say that both Barkin and Jackson are true pioneers in the field of spelling the f-word in as many different ways as possible.

Here’s Jackson verifying the rules of Twitter etiquette:

“Can-a muh [bleep]say [bleep] on here?”

Ellen Barkin, equally distinguished tweeter. (Evan Agostini - AP)
And Barkin kinda sorta doing the same:

“[Bleep] you twitter bird without a [bleep] face. I just verified my own [bleep] self.”

Jackson basking in his newfound appreciation for Twitter:

“I'm feelin' da love! U got a [bleep] all choked up!”

And Barkin settling into her new social media setting:

“This twitter [bleep] is really the medium for me. I'm as [bleep] shallow as 140 characters.”

Jackson, after tweeting several celebrities and publicly asking them to follow him:

“Apparently I got some BAD advice about this whole follower approach! No more [bleep] reachin' out, just lettin' it happen!”

And Barkin, also still learning the lay of the Twitter land:

“Some [bleep] friend just told me to hashtag #P[bleep]Js. What da [bleep] is a hashtag? [Bleep].”

Jackson doing what almost everyone does on Twitter: telling his followers where he is and what he is doing:

“Just put Harry Potter's [bleep] to [bleep] sleep for good at the SPIKE Scream Awards!”

And Barkin having a brief bout of tweet regret:

“OMG frenz.since I started twitta,did I just thow way 30yrs of hard won professional dignity with a coupla 100 [bleeps]?! [Bleep] it I'm havin fun!!!”

As you can see, deciding which one is filthier is a tough call. However, I say Barkin wins because, upon examination of her complete feed thus far, her profanity to non-profanity ratio is higher than Jackson’s. As long as these two continue tweeting, though, there is still time for Jackson to level the [bleep] playing field.

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