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Posted at 10:00 AM ET, 11/27/2009

Hot Dirtbags: The top 10

Forget the "Sexiest Man Alive." We gather today to give thanks for a much rarer form of male attractor: the hot dirtbag. The topic came up in last week's Celebritology Live discussion and by the end of the chat I had promised to compile a list of my top 10 objects of attraction.

Now I get that the dirtbag isn't for everyone, but hey, sometimes nice guys finish last. And to somewhat fracture the words of Mae West: when guys are good they're good, but when they're bad they're better. For some of us, the bad boy will always hold a certain attraction. If we're lucky, we know better than to act on our impulses; we learn to admire a dirtbag from afar, much as we would a Picasso dipped in ebola juice.

The dirtbag criteria: A man who's attractive -- either physically or charismatically -- but whose appeal may be hidden beneath a layer of grime or his big-time dirtbag tendencies (aka drugging, lying, cheating on a spouse).

My top 10 hot dirtbags (after the jump):

1. Russell Crowe (Prime Dirtbaggery: In "Romper Stomper" and "3:10 to Yuma") Russell not only knows how to play an emotionless sociopath, but he's approximated one in real life, too. Although a bit calmer (and somehow less attractive, now that I think of it) Russell once trashed his way through hotels and even beaned a hotel employee with a phone.

2. Josh Holloway (Prime Dirtbaggery: As James "Sawyer" Ford on "Lost") The guy wanders around shirtless, sweaty, possessed of a perpetual five o'clock shadow and a caustic way with words. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, he's also a con man. A definite plus.

3. Billy Crudup (Prime Dirtbaggery: As a junkie in "Jesus's Son") There was just something about Crudup's turn as a hapless heroin addict that warmed my heart. And, in real life, Crudup displayed true dirtbag tendencies when he left a pregnant Mary Louise Parker for a fling with Claire Danes.

4. Joaquin Phoenix (Prime Dirtbaggery: As a delinquent high school kid in "To Die For") Phoenix was hot as a teen willing to kill for Nicole Kidman. However, his semi-literate character clearly hadn't washed in a while and probably wouldn't have been progressed to the point of being able to spell "Metallica."

5. Iggy Pop (Prime Dirtbaggery: Stooges era) Sure, the guy is basically a walking piece of gristle at this point, but in the late '60s and '70s Iggy was sex with a microphone: ever-shirtless, ever-writhing, ever-ready -- an in-your-face version of Jim Morrison (who almost made the list himself).

6. Benicio Del Toro (Prime Dirtbaggery: "The Way of the Gun" or "21 Grams") He's dark, brooding and can play a heck of a bad guy. But Benicio's best asset is his voice -- basically a gravelly, low, lightly-accented mating call.

7. Scott Glenn (Prime Dirtbaggery: "Urban Cowboy") In another case of a role-specific hotness, Glenn stole the show from John Travolta as bad cowboy Wes in one of my favorite movies, 1980's "Urban Cowboy." Okay, he was pretty abusive and stole from his employer. But the guy could ride the heck out of a mechanical bull and totally rocked a mesh T-shirt.

8. Mickey Rourke (Prime Dirtbaggery: "Barfly") Forget the post-boxing injuries, post-surgery Mickey Rourke you know from "The Wrestler." When the guy was young, he was smoldering. And although a case could be made for scuzzy hotness in everything from "Rumblefish" to "Nine 1/2 Weeks" it was his turn as a character based on legendary drunken author Charles Bukowski that really captured my heart.

9. Sam Elliott (Prime Dirtbaggery: As a master bar bouncer in "Road House") This guy is basically the Hollywood go-to when a cowboy or biker is needed to fill out the cast, but it was the Patrick Swayze travesty "Road House" that revealed Elliott at his most attractive -- as a scrounger more at home in the twilight world of highway-side bars than in the daylight world.

10. Vincent Gallo (Prime Dirtbaggery: "Brown Bunny") The guy is seriously self-delusional, and his ego has probably talked him out of a bigger film career, but there's a reason he keeps getting called back to model for everyone from H&M to Calvin Klein to Yves Saint Laurent. Clue: It's cuz he's hot.

I shared mine -- now add your lists, or even single candidates, below. We'll take up the discussion again in next week's Celebritology Live chat.

(P.S. Guys -- next week I'll ask for your help with a list of bad girls, so hang tight.)

By Liz Kelly  |  10:00 AM ET, 11/27/2009

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