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Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 01/06/2009

How Webby is... 'Real Housewife' Kim Zolciak? (Who?)

Expending more than 50 words on a woman whose biggest claim to fame is an utterly contrived second-rate reality show strikes me as overkill, but would our Celebritology studies be complete with the occasional look at wannabes?

Enter Kim Zolciak. You may remember her (or not) as the zaftig blond aspiring singer (who can't sing) on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" series. It should be noted that Zolciak is neither a housewife (unless playing mistress to married men of financial means counts) nor real (unless real somehow encompasses an enigmatic wig and spray tans). Still, she did add a bit of extra crunch to a show that was already a train wreck. Season two kicks off later this year. Yay.

Now, like many an aspiring "Real Wives" wannabe crossover before her, Zolciak has taken to the Web. Zolciak's site includes the usual -- personal pix, contact information for bookings and upcoming appearances (Sundance?).

Happily, Zolciak has also decided to blog. Here she writes about a family trip:

Recently I vacationed with my two girls for the Christmas holiday's in the Bahamas and found some photos that someone snapped of me while at the beach.

Lucky find. The photos in question are three cheesy, soft focus shots of a cougar print bikini-clad Zolciak doing her best to look provocative for the camera. One is reproduced above. No sign of those kids, though I'm sure they're somewhere just off camera holding mommy's Red Bull and Marlboros.

An otherwise unremarkable site is saved, somewhat, by the insightful comments section. A sampling:

-- "You need to go back to your Chili's clinic and get your saggy ta-ta's lifted."

-- "You are very pretty and clearly have a great body judging by the pictures but seriously get rid of the wig. It looks like it was made by Mattel. It's not doing you any favors."

-- "Why don't yuo [sic] just say that you are a media [expletive] and had your daughters snap these pictures so yuo [sic] could post them on your lame-[expletive] blog."

I think that about says it all. Carry on.

By Liz Kelly  |  11:15 AM ET, 01/06/2009

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