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Alcohol delivery? Ultra hopes you’ll drink to that.

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Tonight’s Nightlife Agenda: Stone happy hour and Jesse Boykins III

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Posted at 01:29 PM ET, 05/23/2007

'Lost' Finale Countdown

In which our season-long "Lost" watchers, Liz and Jen, handicap tonight's season finale.

Liz: I'm told the world is abuzz about the season finale of some tacky sing-song show on Fox tonight. But we know where the people who expect more out of primetime TV than a British guy with a bad attitude (We've got two. Nyah!) will be -- watching the two-hour "game changing" season finale of "Lost" tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

There are tons of sites out there spoiling the experience with leaked details. I'm not looking. How about you, Jen?

Jen: I've done the peek-and-run -- looked at spoilers for a sec, then dashed away because I don't want to ruin everything. I still want my holy you-know-what moment. The big question, though: Who is going to die?

Liz: Good question -- we've got several candidates: Charlie, of course. Ben, who seems to have turned entire Other camp against him in the last few episodes. Richard Alpert, who signed on to an opposing network's series for next year. And Kate, who I include because she is annoying. Doc Jensen over at EW is staying out of the prediction game by listing five things you WON'T see on tonight's finale. I like the one about not seeing Rose kill Bernard by pinching his nostrils shut, a la Tony Soprano.

Much more after the jump...

Jen: Actually, I think Damon Lindelof wrote that list as part of his weekly tease. It's pretty funny. Speaking of EW, our pal J. Wood posits a very interesting theory about the island in today's column. It's actually not that different from what we've said about the island only existing in the present, outside the realm of past and future. But J.'s explanation sounds, like, 850 times smarter than my attempts to advance this theory.

Liz: Speaking of J. Wood, he'll be back with us for tomorrow's post-show analysis, which may be online closer to noon than 11. There's going to be much to process, so we deserve a little extra time. Then you and I will be fielding questions about the season at 3 p.m. ET in a special one-hour live discussion. Jen, it's really more "Lost" hype than you or I or anyone can shake a stick at. I'm proud.

Jen: Re: dead people. I believe we will see multiple demises. I do not think Locke will be one of them. I do think Richard goes and possibly Mr. Friendly. As for central characters, somebody big bites it tonight (and no, I don't mean Charlie). I believe it will either be: Jack, Sawyer, Kate or Hurley. Right now my money is on Kate or Sawyer.

Liz: Please don't let it be Sawyer. Please don't let it be Sawyer. Did I say that out loud?

There are a few other things we can safely assume, too. One of them is that Michael won't be making an appearance -- that is, unless he totally lied when recently asked (note for Michael lovers: he does say he's open to reprising his role in an upcoming season). Another is not to expect too much. Remember, this show has got to try to hold our interest for three more seasons.

Jen: Oh, I'm shaking a stick at the hype. I'm shaking many sticks at it. I would love to hear reader predictions about what may happen tonight. (I literally am so excited about this finale that I would drink a case of skunked Dharma beer to make time go by faster.) Here's a wacky 'lil prediction from me: In the game-changing, "snake in the mailbox" moment, we will see a an extremely severe rupture in the time-space continuum. It will be so reality-altering that Blake will wind up beat-boxing on "Lost" and the winner of "American Idol" will be... Bernard, who sings an extremely touching version of "Against All Odds." (He does love his Phil Collins...)

Liz: I'm going to jump the other way and predict Jordin for an "Idol" win, but I'm sticking with the idea of a parallel universe (rather than a funky space-time continuum) that we talked about last week vis-a-vis "The Talisman." Any other predictions/explainers out there?

Jen: I agree about low expectations, but I can't help it. Mine are high. Oh, re: Michael -- He won't be on the finale. But I believe Walt will. Why? Because last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jorge Garcia said we would be seeing Walt "very soon." And I hate to be the bearer of bad news about Sawyer. Look, maybe I'm wrong. I know every hot-blooded American woman who likes her men scruffy, sexy and chock full of sarcastic "Star Wars" references will be devastated if this comes to pass.

I can't wait to hash through everything tomorrow. Until then, I hope our readers can do some pre-game hashing to get the party started.

Liz: Excellent. See everyone here tomorrow. In the meantime, catch up with a season's worth of analysis and share your predictions below.

By Liz Kelly  |  01:29 PM ET, 05/23/2007

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