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Posted at 08:54 AM ET, 02/25/2008

Red Carpet, Red Faces: Last Night's Biggest Losers

By now you've doubtless seen the Gary Busey clip a few times. It was the red carpet moment and, thankfully, provided me with some good posting fodder that has absolutely nothing to do with last night's big winners, the conspicuously absent Angelina Jolie or the fact that George Clooney actually brought 20-something girlfriend Sarah Larson to the ceremony.

Below, a look at Busey's sneak attack and the rest of the red carpet's biggest losers.

1. Busey Busts In
The 1978 Oscar nominee totally dominated last night's field, deftly scoring a huge triple-threat sabotage maneuver on Ryan Seacrest, Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner. Not since "Gigli" has so much starpower been dimmed so quickly. Busey hasn't seen this much action since his heyday of chasing bank-robbing surfers with Keanu Reeves. Have a look at this man's method:

What was Busey even doing on the red carpet? Perhaps his starring role in last year's "Succubus: Hell Bent" (co-starring Lorenzo Lamas) earned him an invite? What did he mean by his cryptic communication to Seacrest that he'd been "looking for him for years" for what he "hadn't done."

2. John Travolta's Hair Apparent

While wife Kelly Preston actually struck a fetching pose in the difficult-to-wear mustard yellow, all eyes were on Travolta's head which seemed to be encrusted with a close-cropped spray of man-made fibers. He resembled a 3-D version of a magnetic hair toy. And, let it be said, that this isn't the first time JT's gone out in public with a spray on head. This look, it should be noted, comes on the heels of Travolta's much criticized glued-on hair piece, featuring visible temple mesh!

I said it during last night's online Oscar party and I'll say it again now: Next to pleated pants, there is nothing quite so unattractive on a man as fake hair. Actually, that goes for women, too.

3. Lisa Rinna's Fat One

No, the above header isn't a clever play on Rinna's TV Guide channel co-host's last name (Joey Fatone). I refer to the former "Dancing With the Stars's" anatomically incorrect upper lip, which appears to have been plumped to the point of freakishness. Honey, I know you claim you don't juice, but seriously -- put down the collagen syringe and slowly back away.

4. Rebecca Miller Channels the '80s

And I don't mean the good '80s -- like Guns n' Roses or her husband's last Oscar-winning turn in "My Left Foot." No, Daniel Day Lewis's wife appears to have been the victim of the ghosts of stylists past. This dress was last seen in Linda Evans's and Joan Collins's "Dynasty" discard pile. Whoever is responsible for sending Miller out in public in this confection, just know there will be blood.

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By Liz Kelly  |  08:54 AM ET, 02/25/2008

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