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Alcohol delivery? Ultra hopes you’ll drink to that.

Alcohol delivery? Ultra hopes you’ll drink to that.

Ultra promises to drop off your desired beer, wine or spirits within an hour of ordering.

Tonight’s Nightlife Agenda: Stone happy hour and Jesse Boykins III

Tonight’s Nightlife Agenda: Stone happy hour and Jesse Boykins III

Looking for something to do tonight? Try delicious $4 beers and the new sound of soul.

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Comic Riffs
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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 10/27/2011

‘BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD’: 6 Prime Clips to Mark Their MTV Return


ON THE SAN DIEGO landscape in the ‘80s — in the mulleted years immediately following the “stay classy,” “Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy” era — roamed past and future pop-cultural touchstones that still have die-hard audiences today:

Then: Eddie Vedder could be found near the sand and the San Diego State campus before finding his Pearl Jam mates in Seattle. Today: Cameron Crowe’s new “Pearl Jam Twenty” documentary spans the global grunge-sprung band’s career two decades on.

Then: Peter Gibbons was a UCSD student years after becoming the original voice of Charlie Brown, he says. Today: His voice can be heard like an animated holiday tradition, in Thursday night’s “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” (ABC at 8 p.m.).

Then: Mike Judge was also at UCSD, a physics student who doodled several years before he created MTV’s first true cartoon icons: Beavis and Butt-Head. Today: After nearly 15 years away from the center spotlight, the arrested adolescents Beavis and Butt-Head make a highly anticipated return to MTV — where in the absence of music videos, they will now mock in-house reality shows such as “Jersey Shore” (MTV at 10 p.m. Thursday).

And the cartoon dudes are ready to rock themselves stupid.

The fandom for “Beavis and Butt-Head” has seemed barely to ebb. Judge told Comic Riffs in 2009 how he has continued to get requests to do those distinctive, “huh-huh-huh”-ing voices.

“I get that a lot,” Judge told ‘Riffs. “But I do the voice of Butt-Head pretty quietly. If I'm in a restaurant or bar and someone asks me to do it, they can barely hear me. And they go: ‘You're not the guy! [Expletive!]’

Adds Judge: “ I don't have anything spontaneous to say — they're not the kind of characters that are [easy to make up] a conversation for.”

But now, those scripted conversations are ready for re-quoting.

[THE MIKE JUDGE INTERVIEW: From ‘Beavis’ to ‘King of the Hill’]

As the eternal teenagers Beavis and Butt-Head return, here are Six Prime Clips for getting in the pottymouthed, “spoofing stupidity” mood, Mike Judge-style (some perhaps NSFW):


Mike Judge - Unfinished Pencil Tests by Craven84



(aka The Bloody Animated Short That Started It All):

3. “1-900-BEAVIS”:

Vezi mai multe din Desene animate pe



(aka Judge Responds to his Visual Critics):

Vezi mai multe din Desene animate pe




And of course, the immortalized:



MIKE JUDGE ON: “The Goode Family”

MIKE JUDGE ON: “Extract”

MILA KUNIS ON: “Extract” & "Family Guy”



By  |  07:30 PM ET, 10/27/2011

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