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Alcohol delivery? Ultra hopes you’ll drink to that.

Alcohol delivery? Ultra hopes you’ll drink to that.

Ultra promises to drop off your desired beer, wine or spirits within an hour of ordering.

Tonight’s Nightlife Agenda: Stone happy hour and Jesse Boykins III

Tonight’s Nightlife Agenda: Stone happy hour and Jesse Boykins III

Looking for something to do tonight? Try delicious $4 beers and the new sound of soul.

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Comic Riffs
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Posted at 12:06 AM ET, 03/07/2012

BEST WEBCOMIC POLL: The finalists are in! Vote for your favorite

THE RESULTS are — finally! — in.

Comic Riffs spent weeks bobbing through the deluge of titles (picture ”Fantasia,” only with awesome hyperlinks) after we put out a call for nominations for your favorite webcomics.

In high volume came forth the hard-boiled shamen and the girls with slingshots. And flooding in swam the treacherous Oatmeal-lapping dolphins. And hark — sometimes leading the swell was a Vagrant with a Napoleonic complex.

Today, having waded through the waist-high “Black Snow”-banks, Comic Riffs presents the Top-20 finalists as picked by you.

As Super Tuesday subsides, Webcomic Wednesday begins and ‘Riffs opens the ballot box — you can pick your single favorite webcomic. (The voting booth will stay open till March 30 at midnight.)

Let the polling begin:

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Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum

Cyanide and Happiness

Dresden Codak

Girl Genius

Girls With Slingshots


Hark! A Vagrant


Least I Could Do

Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard-Boiled Shaman

The Oatmeal

Penny Arcade

Questionable Content

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Schlock Mercenary

Something Positive

Wapsi Square



By  |  12:06 AM ET, 03/07/2012

Tags:  webcomics, battlepug, black snow, cyanide and happiness, dresden codak, girl genius, girls with slingshots, gunshow, hark a vagrant, homestuck, least i could do, muktuk wolfsbreath, the oatmeal, penny arcade, questionable content, saturday morning breakfast cereal, schlock mercenary, something positive, wapsi square, wondermark, xkcd

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