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Posted at 11:58 PM ET, 10/23/2012

DC COMICS TO DEBUT ‘TALON’: Scott Snyder’s ‘Owls’ spinoff takes flight

THE RANGE OF fanboy reaction to DC Comics “New 52” has been wide and varied, but there’s at least one thing most readers seem to agree on:

“Night of the Owls” — the storyline by Scott Snyder that kicked off Batman’s relaunch in the title book bearing the Dark Knight’s name — was one of the year’s best.

Not since Bane in “Knightfall” has a newly introduced villain had such an impact on Batman. And give DC Comics and Snyder credit: Creating a new Bat-villain that debuts with such relevance is no easy task — especially given Batman’s ever-rich rogues’ gallery. DC went in a new direction with the debut of stellar characters, and the Talons from “Night of the Owls” left a deep mark on Gotham.

Now, a light rises from the shadows of Batman’s formidable foe: DC is set to debut “Talon,” a series that continues directly from the “Night of Owls” arc and that stars Calvin Rose, a former Talon in the Court of Owls who returns to Gotham City looking for freedom.

It’s not too often that new characters produce a Big-2 spinoff series so quickly, but judging by the success of Court of Owls, the Talon could live long in DC’s universe.

Here’s a first look:



A first look from "Talon #1." (. - DC COMICS)

A first look at a variant cover from "Talon #1." (. - DC COMICS)



By David Betancourt  |  11:58 PM ET, 10/23/2012

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