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Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 06/08/2010

READERS: Which strips would YOU pick to anchor your comics page?

A change in The Post's comics lineup always makes for a heftier mailbag. And when that change involves the rightly beloved "Cul de Sac," then woe to the virtual mailboy who must lug that fatted satchel.

With Gene Weingarten & Co.'s "Barney & Clyde" debuting this week, Richard Thompson's "Cul de Sac" has moved from the field of print funnies to a full-color place of "more prominence" in The Post's Style section: Page-2, hard past "Doonesbury."

This shift has pleased not all readers, natch -- some of whom tell Comic Riffs they like all their favorite funnies on the funnies page. The reasons are myriad: One-stop shopping. "Organic" reading experience. And said one reader: The comics are just "funnier" somehow when they're all together.

As The Post is peppered with such inquiries, we particularly point to letter-writer Wes Pedersen of Chevy Chase, who says in part about The Post's print comics: "There are only four strips now that offer any reason for being continued." (Mr. Pedersen does not name which four.)

Only four comics, eh? Really? That prompts a thought and a question. Tom Spurgeon of the excellent Comics Reporter blog recently asked some industry folk which five comics they would pick to anchor their personal comics page. So let's make the Official Comic Riffs Question of the Day, with a nod to Mssrs. Pedersen and Spurgeon:

If you were building The Post's comics pages from scratch, which four or five comics would you buy first to anchor your funnies?

Feel free to share your picks below.

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