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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 10/10/2009

'Riffs Picks: From the Nobel's Nervy 'Tude to a TV Superstar in the Nude--Today's Catchy Cartoons

From Marge Simpson in the buff to Obama's Nobel guff, today's most eye-catching cartoons culled from across the mighty mighty Web...

5. The Nobel Obama cartoons came forth like a hard rain. Perhaps one of the best: DAVID FITZSIMMONS of the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson).

4. In a fairly strong week for The New Yorker magazine, cartoonist TREVOR HOEY offers this sly punch line that's punctuated splendidly by the large-headed artwork. And the 'Riffs runner-up for this week's New Yorker batch goes to KIM WARP, for this seasonally timely 'toon.

3. The continued saga of violent cross-pollination in "PEARLS BEFORE SWINE" concludes fairly hilariously today.

2. "Eye-catching," we hasten to remind, is not the same as "endorsing." Because either aesthetically or just really libidinally, I'm mildly troubled by MARGE SIMPSON posing for Playboy, blue hair and all. Perhaps I've never just seen Marge in that way.

Truly humorous, though, is the quote from Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey, who says with seemingly a straight face: "We knew that this would really appeal to the 20-something crowd," Really, Theresa? REALLY?? Libidinous 20-year-olds are seriously excited at the prospect of Marge Simpson in the marigold-yellow buff -- the cartoon Mom from a show so many 20-somethings don't even watch anymore?

With a wacky sense of humor like that around, no wonder Hef is always grinning.

1. The trailer for next year's "Toy Story 3" was purportedly not due to hit till next Monday. But lo and behold, looky here: A trailer for "TOY STORY 3" "leaked" a few days in advance. Who'd-a thunk it?

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