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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 07/28/2008

The E-Mailbag: 'Tooning In to Obama & McCain

Ever since The New Yorker's Obama cover, we've received e-mails and comments about how political candidates are depicted in cartoon form: What's fair, what goes too far -- and does Mitt Romney really look like a character out of "Mark Trail"?

The Hotly Debated Question of Absolutely No Greater Significance in our circles soon became: What cartoon character does each of the two major-party presidential candidates remind you of? (And a caveat: We're trafficking in their public images here -- having met neither one in person, we can only go on what is viewable, audible and clickable.)

Names were tossed out and rejected with great abandon, but out of that scrum of silliness, we deliver 10 possibilities, offered up for you to embrace or reject with even greater abandon:

1. Gen. Halftrack: white-haired, decorated military veteran who harks back to an earlier era ("Beetle Bailey").
2. Crankshaft: gruff, wise-cracking oldster fond of riding on a bus ("Crankshaft").
3. Earl: warm, wry absent-minded grandpa; prone to verbal gaffes ("Pickles").
4. Mr. Wilson: lovable curmudgeon addled by the younger generation ("Dennis the Menace").
5. Prince Valiant: warrior with heaps of foreign-policy experience ("Prince Valiant").

1. Charlie Brown: relentlessly optimistic soul who tries to defy the odds; beloved by much of the media. ("Peanuts").
2. Lemont: young, smart African American man with protruding ears who questions the ills he witnesses in urban life ("Candorville").
3. Linus Van Pelt: though relatively inexperienced, an eloquent speaker who rises to the occasion when centerstage ("Peanuts").
4. Fro-Zone: lanky man-of-action who oozes cool ("The Incredibles").
5. Prince Valiant: provides striking visuals when he travels to foreign lands ("Prince Valiant").

That's our motley field of "cartoon candidates" -- what are yours?

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