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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 10/09/2008

The Riff: Time to Vote, My Friends: Who Should Be Character-in-Chief?

Now, nation, as we as all know, presidential politics have provided some of America's greatest slogans:

"Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!"

"I Like Ike!"

"You could do worse ... and always have!"

That last one -- still our personal fave -- was uttered not by a Bush or Clinton backer, but rather is the campaign catchphrase of Alfred E. Neuman, the MAD magazine cover-boy who since 1956 has occasionally "sought" the highest office in the land.

Walt Kelly with Pogo. (UPI)

Neuman is among great company, too. Everyone from Walt Kelly's Pogo to Berkeley Breathed's retiring Opus (paired with Bill the Cat) has stumped for a one-way trip to 1600 Penn. This spoof electioneering is at least as old as comic strips themselves -- right up to such characters as "Prickly City's" Carmen and Winslow hitting the trail this year.

Yet we're left to wonder: Which single cartoon character has the qualities, the characteristics, the courage and the very charisma (if not a gift for electoral alliteration) to make the BEST president of this fair and noble republic?

Well, we shall find out. Between now and Election Day, Comic Riffs is going to conduct runoffs between the primo cartoon candidates.

So first, my friends, I need your nominations. From comic strips to comic books to animation, which character would YOU pick for president?

Zonker? Bucky Katt? Homer Simpson -- or maybe better yet, Marge Simpson? (As a foreign-born pillager, Hagar the Horrible may not qualify -- but hey, we won't let a little thing like the Constitution impede our path.)

The polling stations are open, my fellow Americans. Let the cartoon balloting begin.

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