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Posted at 08:05 AM ET, 09/02/2009

The Super-8 List: The Coolest Marvel-Disney Mashup Cartoons

If Disney can tap even half the creativity that went into creating Disney/Marvel mashup art the whole wide world (web) over, then the House of Mouse studios will be a magical place indeed.

PhotoShop, Google Images and comic-book collections got a workout yesterday, as artists and quasi-artists went to work in light of Monday's Disney-buys-Marvel news. So many characters, so many possibilities -- and so many wonderfully twisted scenarios.

From the reams of Disney fever-dreams, here is Comic Riffs's "Super-Eight" -- the mashups that caught our eye, our fancy and our whim. (And if you've got a mashup of our own, this Riffster's happy to take a look.)


8. The Salt Lake Tribune's PAT BAGLEY offers his superbly warped take:

7. Artist A. DAVID LEWIS gets a nod for this portfolio.

6. The Washington Examiner's NATE BEELER delivers not only swell art, but just the right tone, to boot:

5. From Origin to Bambi, an especially swell portfolio by MATT OCCHUIZZO:

4. This FAKE Disney-to-Marvel memo is so inspired, it offers a foursome:

3. Tough to best a Marvel Mouse illustration that author Craig Yoe attributes to JACK KIRBY himself:

2. And then there is the twosome that rougly four decades later can now be viewed as tongue-in-cheek prophetic. First, there is this illustration attributed to WALLY WOOD -- via the excellent site Comic Book Resources and said to be flagged by Sean Kleefeld. (The art is said to be from a 1968 TV Guide.)

1. And last, our top pick: Numerous Web sites (and avid readers) were quick to pull this image out of mothballs: "Spider-Mouse," attributed to Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 -- from the mid-'60s. And really -- it doesn't get any better than that.

By  |  08:05 AM ET, 09/02/2009

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