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Posted at 09:05 AM ET, 01/27/2010

Top 10 Names for the new Apple tablet (*as chosen by top artists)

As so much of the wired known world awaits Steve Jobs's bringing unto us of the Thing Still Most Known as the 'Tablet,' the question resounds: Just what will Apple's big-cheese call this device?

iSlate? iTablet? And according to Engadget, the tablet's working codename has been ... "K48."

Yech. Yech. And bleccch.

To arrive at a far more creative name (at least until Jobs unveils the mighty tab's moniker), Comic Riffs asked eight of the most creative minds we know to suggest the name.

Here it is -- from the home office far, far from Cupertino -- Comic Riffs's Official Top 10 List of Tablet Names. They are...

"iPlod (through the latest Apple hype).
iSnob (if its users are as insufferable as iPhone users).
iHope (it saves newspapers)."

-- NICK ANDERSON (Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist)

"The iNextBigThingUntilTheNextBigThing."
-- DAVE COVERLY, (creator of "Speed Bump")

"T. iBlet."
-- BERKELEY BREATHED, (Pulitzer-winning creator of "Bloom County" et al. and children's book illustrator)

"I'm hoping it's a new place for print to thrive, so I want it to be called the Apple iBook."
-- SCOTT KURTZ, (creator of "PvP")

"The iHaveTooMuchMoney?"
-- JEN SORENSEN, (creator of "Slowpoke Comics")

"iPad. Inspired by 'Star Trek' -- those devices for crew manifests were called PADDs [personal access display device]. Also, makes sense."
-- TED RALL, (alt-political cartoonist and graphic novelist)

"If it's hand-controlled [and created by Steve Jobs], I'd go with the iHand Jobs. Everything else is already trademarked."
-- SCOTT ADAMS, (creator of "Dilbert")

"Maybe something beginning with an 'i.' "
-- SIMON OXLEY, (creator of iconic Twitter bird image)

By  |  09:05 AM ET, 01/27/2010

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