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Posted at 10:00 AM ET, 01/12/2010

What's your favorite Webcomic? Let the balloting begin

A funny thing happened on the way to the comics forum...

Some weeks back, Comic Riffs asked readers to nominate -- and then vote on -- what they thought the "Best Comic of the Decade" was. The nominations were narrowed to 15 -- most of them syndicated print comics -- and the balloting began in earnest.

After a day or so, there were a few hundred votes. After a few days, there were a coupla thousand votes -- and surging into the lead like Secretariat on McGwire-strength steroids was one strip: the webcomic "Girl Genius." (As of this writing, the webcomic has polled 44 percent of the more than 3,200 votes.)

It was perfectly clear what had happened: "GG's" online armies had been mobilized. And here's the Seinfeldian kicker of a verdict: "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

As Comic Riffs has written about fairly often, creators urging their votes to vote in various online or phone polls is par for the course. Cartoonists -- be they print, webcomic or hybrid -- routinely and regularly take to Facebook, Twitter or their own blogs to spur the fan-troops into action. It's all part of the game, natch. (Caveat: As long as these aren't polls used to determine which comics are being dropped by a publication; those polls must -- must! -- be scientific and all but immune to hack attacks).

That said, I've been meaning to ask readers this: What, do they think, is the "Best WEBCOMIC of the Past Decade"? Because as we all know -- and what the previous "Best Comic" polling merely testified to -- is that every year, webcomics only grow as a force and factor in the cartooning industry.

So, as a way to acknowledge directly The Rise of the Webcomic for a moment, Comic Riffs is asking for your nominations for Best Webcomic of the Past Decade.

The nomination process is now open -- feel free to use the Comments field below, or to contact Comic Riffs by Facebook or Twitter -- to register your faves. The nominations window will close at midnight this Friday -- to be followed the next week by (unscientific) poll voting.

Are you a webcomic fan? Then by all means: Fire away.

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