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Today’s Opinions poll

Should the United States fund the service program AmeriCorps? President Obama would increase its budget. Rep. Paul Ryan would eliminate federal funding for the program.

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 08/29/2011

Compost is off this week, unless something really funny happens

There is no scheduled Compost this week, unless something really funny happens and I can’t contain myself. (This is the trouble when your hobby is also your job.)

In the meantime, if you can’t bear to go a day without hearing from me, you can follow me on Twitter, where I promise to tweet only inane vacation-based musings about non-topical issues like “This airport is pleasant!” and “Hey, Dyson hand dryers are like helpful dragons.” Maybe things will get really wild and I’ll live-tweet a sunset or a chapter of an Evelyn Waugh novel, but I’m pretty sure someone will sedate me before that occurs.

Also, looking back over the past several slightly-over-a-year-if-you-squint, I want to thank the regular readers (both of you! No, I’m kidding, all eight of you. You know who you are.) for making the Compost a part of your life and justifying my existence. If you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, then you probably laughed to yourself at least once in your cubicle, and it was awkward for those around you. I appreciate it!

See you on my return! Unless something funny happens.

By  |  08:00 AM ET, 08/29/2011

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