Facebook goes down for 40 minutes. World falls into chaos.

The carnage was unthinkable.

After learning about books, Mark Zuckerberg discovers other exciting new technologies

What won't they think of next?

The Facebook ‘copyright notice’ hoax

Here we go again!

Don’t panic, Twitter. Just be very, very afraid.

Pretty panicked, actually.

The Facebook Satire label is a great idea (SATIRE)

And it will make a huge difference!

Twitter, Facebook, and Ferguson — our awareness problem

The other awareness problem.

Facebook’s new ad settings are great for customers. Too bad we aren’t customers.

But you aren't the consumer anyway.

Twitter is changing to look like Facebook and it needs to not

I don't want to become obsolete!

Oculus bought by Facebook, and the trouble with Kickstarter

You aren't an investor!

Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook

Ten is the new dead.

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